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What Is ARP & Why You Need It?
The fact is a majority of people who try to generate an income on the Internet struggle. Whether it’s their own product or service, or work from home business. The information that’s available is overwhelming, the advertising resources available to the average marketer are sub-par, and most lack the skills and time necessary to succeed!
Until now email marketing has been the primary source to capture a prospects info to be able to follow up via an email auto-responder. Unfortunately, with email open rates on the decline at about 5%, marketers are essentially throwing 95% of their marketing dollars in the trash. Google has divided G-mail into 3 categories and implemented an unsubscribe button. Both Yahoo and Hotmail have implemented unsubscribe buttons as well!
These features are not only going to effect the size of marketer’s lists, but streamlines the process for the recipient, because if there is no direct Un-Subscribe link in the email…Hotmail for instance, will block further emails from that particular sender! With most people now having multiple email addresses, the chance of capturing their best email is slim to none! So most marketers, will see their lists shrinking and open rates declining as well…Along with their incomes! So what’s the solution?
Until now, there wasn’t an affordable choice for marketers to turn to, but fortunately there is an alternative…SMS!
With email open rates on the decline and Text message open rates on the rise…It only makes sense to reach people where they are, on their mobile devices! The fact is most people are on their mobile devices 75% more than their laptops or desktops! So if you aren’t implementing a mobile strategy, you ARE missing out on a large potential to capitalize from your current marketing strategies and reaching people where ever they go!
Here’s some Mobile Statistics to consider:
→ 97% of text messages are opened vs. 5% of emails
→ 83% of text messages are opened immediately
→ 91% of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach.
→ 82% of Americans don’t leave home without their
cell phones
→ There are 6.8 billion people on the planet at present, & 4 billion own mobile phones. (But only 3.5 million use a toothbrush!
→ Over 82 percent of U.S. adults own a cellphone!
→ 4.1 Billion text messages are sent daily
→ Mobile users will out number PC users by 2013
Marketers, the numbers don’t lie! So…Will these Facts influence your decisions to Go Mobile during 2014 and beyond?
With the ever changing Internet, we as marketers need to stay abreast of the changes online, or get left behind! The very reason Don Glanville, ARP marketing system creator/innovator, saw the need for Auto Recruiting Platform (ARP).
ARP is just the doorway into a very advanced, cutting edge, yet simple to use Mobile Marketing Platform. ARP and the ARP sales funnel, are just an example of what a marketer will receive with the custom funnel. With a 100% customizable/ brand-able mobile optimized system funnel, a client receives Verified Cell Phone Capture, Cell Phone Number Lead Management, 2way SMS Global Communication, Membership Site with Social Feed for every Custom Funnel constructed, Custom Funnel Leasing, and even a Major Advertising Resource to complete the system as a “Full Circle Marketing System” or “TRUE Business in a Box!”
With ARP, a Client will have a Complete Marketing Hub with the very best Marketing Tools at their disposal. No more multiple logins for video hosting, auto-responders, campaign tracking…and the list goes on.
Don asks: Why Do You Need Our Service?
“If you where asked if you could make a better hamburger than any of the fast food chains in business today, your answer would most likely be yes.
And if this is the case, then why aren’t you already rich?
Well, for most the answer always comes down to inefficient marketing and sales systems.
In a very competitive marketing place having good products and quality services are just not enough.
Without the proper marketing mechanisms and sales funnels in place, starting and running a business can be very expensive.
This is where we come in. We take your great product or service and turn your company into a marketing powerhouse without the hassle of having to figure out and implement the marketing practices that really work.”
Saas Marketing Software:
Our Marketing Platform takes your current traffic to your online offers and increases your ROI by taking potential clients through a more rigorous and proven direct sales process completely hands off.
This allows you to spend more time focusing on the quality of your product or service and servicing your current client base for better client retention and re-orders.
How it Works:
Sales Funnel Marketing 101…
Our complete Sales Funnel allows you to have sales of your product or service completely made for you without the need for any human interaction whatsoever, freeing you up to focus on other areas of your business and your life.
Every time a prospect goes to the next step in one of your Sales Funnels, you receive a notification directly to your own cell phone so you know exactly where your leads are at all times in the sales process.
Sales Funnel System Breakdown:
Step 1: Send all your web-traffic and referrals to a “custom to you” SMS lead capture Sales Funnel which has a welcome video from you explaining your unique offer.
Step 2: Serious potential clients enter in and verify their cell phone unlocking the next page so they can view more information about your product or service.
Step 3: Now that you have a confirmed “real person” who has shown interest in your product or service, this next page is where you will get them to make another small commitment before actually presenting them with your core product or service. This maybe a funded proposal or introductory trial offer.
Step 4: Now that the prospect has taken several small actions to obtaining more information about your core product or service, they are now primed and ready to become a full fledged client of yours.
Step 5: The final page in the system is used to sell your core product or service to a prospect who has now been pre-qualified by them to be the best candidate to purchase from you.
On this final page in the Sales Funnel, displayed is the core video that most effectively demonstrates to potential clients the features and benefits of your product or service responsible for them making a purchase right there and then on the spot.
The psychology behind this proven Direct Sales System is based on small commitments on the clients part which then leads them to the decision to purchasing your core product or service. This is all done completely automated right there on the spot without you having to do the sorting, filtering or personal selling yourself.
With all the T’s crossed and i’s dotted…Don has created the Rolls Royce of marketing systems, and the best way to Learn More, would be to take a Test Drive, and experience the sales system process for yourself…

SMS is a HUGE Shift in the Industry and the way we will conduct business on the Internet! Marketers who recognize the incredible power of mobile to reach, engage, and retain customers, will experience much higher conversions than ever before attainable with less advanced communication tools.
Mobile is the perfect example of what is enabling economic growth on and offline…
And chances are…You are probably seeing this on your Mobile Device!
Click the link to watch the video on the next page. Get your Access Code by entering your name and cell phone number with country code in the boxes provided to gain access for more information. Complete the Application for a one-time $4.95 App Fee to get approved to take the tour, experience the system, and Learn More about how a Mobile strategy can help you generate an income online!
Take a Test Drive, and experience the sales system process for yourself…


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    Mobile Marketing IS the Next Big Trend and we are at the very beginning of this Trend!

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