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Welcome to The Crypto

 BTC Portfolio!

Where You Can Join the Hottest Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Online Programs with Us & Then Leverage Our Co-op Team

Builds that Helps to Get YOU Paid Members & Downlines!


OK… Here is the Overall Strategy with the Bitcoin Matrix Programs below!


We are Launching a Global Integrated Web Marketing Funnel System and Targeted Traffic Co-ops for all 3 Programs just below which we call the“Tri-Fecta” of Instant & Residual Bitcoin Income working as ONE TEAM!


These are CrazeBTC, CryptoMaxx & FMC to build 3 instant and residual Bitcoin incomes with ONE System! It’s Only $65 ALL-IN with Bitcoin to JOIN ALL 3 and you have a Potential to Earn Instant Bitcoin Payments and BUILD a Monthly Residual Income of $10,000+ within 90 days!

It’s Simple to Start to Earn! Just CLICK on the Images BELOW & JOIN CrazeBTCCryptoMaxx & Fund My Cause Direct to Maximize Spillover to Everyone!

NOTE: By Joining ME in CrazeBTC, CryptoMaxx & Fund My Cause Direct We Create Spillover to ALL of Our Members and this Creates Instant Bitcoin Payments to YOU and Our Members without the NEED to Personally Sponsor to EARN! 
Also FYI – If you are already a Member of ANY of these you can Re-Join with a New Position with a New Email & Username which is Required to Participate in our Team Build! We don’t just randomly build other members matrixes 🙂 Obviously – Thanks!

ANNOUNCING The NEW Bitcoin TriFecta Funnel System is LIVE!


So Our Bitcoin TriFecta Funnel Co-op Team Build is SIMPLE! Join the 3 Bitcoin Programs Below and Then Order your Custom Funnel & Traffic Co-op Share to Begin to Receive Instant Bitcoin Payments & Build a Monthly Residual Bitcoin Income!

All-in it’s just $65 in Bitcoin!Then the Marketing System ranges from a One-time $25 to $99 and the $99 Package comes with a Traffic Co-op Package for Targeted Clicks to your Custom Funnel generating YOU PAID Members!

NOW… This is ON TOP of our Entire Team Build is bringing in 100’s that ALL FALL Below YOU and will Begin to SEND YOU Instant Bitcoin Payments with NO Personal Sponsoring Required that TURNS into a Monthly Residual Income! All on AUTOPILOT!!









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