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Financial Education




Now we have two incredible, must-have products easily and instantly downloadable directly in your Back Office.

It’s a cutting edge financial education, arming you with the groundbreaking knowledge you need to
reach long term financial security.

Financial Education Set

The first of our products is a robust set of 18 books, distributed through six
purchase levels, with timely and engaging Financial topics with a broad
spectrum of topics ranging from mindset and motivation to some serious financial
education that will put the control back where it belongs–with you. We’ve placed
a unique business emphasis on helping you reach your full potential and explode
your income so you can take your lifestyle to thrilling new plateaus.

If you have chosen to join as a distributor, there are two entry points at the members’ discounted
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Your tiny joining fee includes the members’ discounted purchase price of
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In addition to the vast financial knowledge provided in these products, you also
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4Corners’ exclusive newsletter not only provides you with cutting edge, topical information,
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As an added bonus, newsletter subscribers also receive a monthly live, web only,
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questions all their most burning questions about domestic and world markets.


With 4Corners, you will also enjoy a ready-made Retail Store where non-members
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Product Details

Level 1

LEVEL 1 – Book 1: Financial
Literacy – The Essentials

(also available in Spanish, Malay, and Thai)


  • Chapter 1: Home Based Business: Ten Tips For Success
  • Chapter 2: Tips And Strategies On How To Maximize Your Personal
  • Chapter 3: Debt Restructuring – Helping You Gain Control Of
  • Chapter 4: The Importance Of Planning Your Retirement And The
    Consequences Of Not!

Level 2

LEVEL 2 – Book 2: Lessons
from the Intelligent Investor

(Also available in Spanish)


  • Chapter 1: Why Are You Investing
  • Chapter 2: Reasons Not To Invest
  • Chapter 3: Decide What’s Right For You
  • Chapter 4: Mutual Funds
  • Chapter 5: Taxes
  • Chapter 6: Correct Mindset
  • Chapter 7: Real Estate

LEVEL 2 – Book 3: The
Subconscious Millionaire Mind

(Also available in Spanish)


  • Chapter 1: The Way We Think
  • Chapter 2: What We Bring About In Our Lives
  • Chapter 3: Playing To Win Or Lose
  • Chapter 4: Doing And Dreaming
  • Chapter 5: Do You Think Big Or Small
  • Chapter 6: Chances Or Roadblocks
  • Chapter 7: You Have To Promote
  • Chapter 8: Make Your Business Work For You

Level 3

LEVEL 3 – Book 4: Credit Card Debt

(Also available in Spanish)


  • Chapter 1: Credit – understanding the genesis of bad credit.
  • Chapter 2: Credit rating: – how you are scored.
  • Chapter 3: Your credits score – how  you  can  improve  it.
  • Chapter 4: Credit  report  –  its  effect  on  your  personal  credit
  • Chapter 5: Your  personal  credit  report:  –  how  you  can  correct  errors
  • Chapter 6: Credit  Repair  Company:  –  a  blessing  or  a  curse.
  • Chapter 7: Absolute truth about credit repair companies
  • Chapter 8: Credit cards:  –  types and what you need to know about them
  • Chapter 9: Shopping  for a new Credit Card:  –  Important tips to consider.
  • Chapter 10: The Do’s and don’t of the credit card game.
  • Chapter 11: How to get the credit card of your choice.
  • Chapter 12: Buy Now Pay Later – Disadvantages of using a credit card and how to get over it.
  • Chapter 13: How to avoid high interest charges on your credit card.
  • Chapter 14: How to get a loan even if you have bad credit.
  • Chapter 15: Important Credit Card Plan terms you must consider.

LEVEL 3 – Book 5: Living Trusts


  • How To Eliminate The Hassles Of:
    • DELAYS

*LEVEL 3 – Book 6: Economics – The
truth behind the spin


    • Your money will grow
    • The World Economies today
    • Definition of Economics
    • Technical definition of Economics
    • How Markets Work
    • Economic Cycle
    • Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
    • Effect of Lowering Interest Rates
    • Effect of Raising Interest Rates
    • Demand for goods and services
    • Definition of Demand
    • Supply of goods and services
    • Definition of Supply
  • Money and Banking
    • So how did money come to be?
    • So how do Central Banks actually move Interest Rates? The
      Money Supply!
    • Banking
    • Measuring Economic Performance
    • Gross Domestic Product
  • Business Cycle
    • Economic Growth
    • Definition of the Business Cycle
  • Government and the Economy
  • The Global Economy
  • Contrasting two Economic Powerhouses: USA and China
  • Conclusions


LEVEL 4 – Book 7: NEW Multiple Streams of Income

LEVEL 4 – Book 8: Protect yourself
from Identity Theft


  • Introduction
  • What is Identity Theft?
  • How They Get Your Information
  • How Do You Know You Are A Victim?
  • How Do I Prove My Identity?
  • Organizing Your Case
  • What to Do First
  • Resolving Specific Problems
  • Bank Accounts and Electronic Withdrawals
  • Fraudulent New Accounts
  • Bankruptcy Fraud
  • Credit Cards
  • Criminal Violations
  • Debt Collectors
  • Mail Theft
  • Phone Fraud
  • Correcting Your Credit Report
  • Sample Blocking Letter for Credit Agencies
  • Sample Dispute Letter for Existing Accounts
  • Identity Theft Affidavit
  • Avoid Becoming a Victim
  • Staying Safe Online
  • Using an Outside Party for Protection
  • Important Contact Information
  • Conclusion

LEVEL 4 – Book 9: Debt Crisis


  • Understanding Debt
  • What Are Expenses?
  • Exploring your own debt
  • Create A Budget
  • Control High Interest Debt
  • Find Your Hidden Money
  • Debt Counseling
  • Refinancing A Mortgage
  • Know Your Rights
  • How To Deal With Creditors
  • Debt Consolidators
  • Sell Off Assets
  • Bankruptcy
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Start Saving

Level 5

LEVEL 5 – Book 10: Real Estate


  • Flipping a House – Is it Right for You?
  • Gated Communities – Are they for you?
  • Getting Real Estate Advice From Uncle Sam?
  • Gulf Markets Experience Slow Recovery
  • Home Affordability: Myth or Reality?
  • How to Unpack without Exploding
  • Are Discount Real Estate Brokers For Real?
  • Is Your Home Market Over-Valued?
  • Letting the Sour Housing Market Work for You
  • Protecting Yourself from Mortgage Fraud
  • Should you Refinance?
  • New Home Buyers Look to Save Energy
  • Moving Costs More than you Think
  • A Second Home: Take it or Leave it?
  • Are you House Poor?
  • Buying a Home Overseas: Practical?
  • Canadian Markets Hot and Cold

LEVEL 5 – Book 11: (Coming Soon) Investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)

LEVEL 5 – Book 12: How to Invest
in Gold and Silver


  • Introduction
  • It’s the Economy
  • Ready Aim Fire!
  • So Many Options – How Do I Choose
    • Gold & Silver ETF’s
    • Buying on Margin
    • Numismatics
    • Grading Services
    • Commemorative Coins
    • Confiscation
    • Foreign Coins
    • What you should buy
    • IRS Reporting Requirements
    • Gold or Silver – Which Should I Buy?
    • What do I Buy?
    • Storage
    • Gold & Silver for your Superannuation Fund
    • Where To Buy
    • TV, Radio, and Magazine Advertising
    • Beware Of The Fees & Charges

Level 6

*LEVEL 6 – Book 13: Investment


  • Investing Principles You Use To Multiply Your Future
  • Buffett’s Rule About Playing Chess
  • Chess Applies To You, Too
  • Here’s Why You Leave The Analysis To Your Expert Advisor
  • Remember How Experts Look At a World Class Mutual Fund?
  • Investment Personality Test
    • Part 1: Investment goals
    • Part 2: Risk tolerance
    • Part 3: Ability to cope with uncertainty
  • Life Changes
  • You May Start Aggressive And Wind Up Conservative
  • Your Moderate Approach Trends Towards The Balanced Mode
  • You Should Measure Your Risk Tolerance
  • Strong Recovery Based On Astute Fund Management
  • Terms most frequently used relating to Retirement Investments
  • Insurance Products Investment-Related Terms

*LEVEL 6 – Book 14: Time Value of


  • Your Personal Starter Guide To Investing
  • Your money will grow
  • The world has grown smaller
  • Before you choose an expert
  • Banks, Credit Unions, Savings & Loans
  • Investments are a part of your life
  • How you can start investing wisely
  • You are part of the world market
  • Don’t believe those wild stories
  • More about Retirement Accounts
  • Guess what’s the odd truth?
  • The alphabet soup of numbered titles
  • You add to your ways to invest
  • Investing beats going into debt
  • You need to be aware of hidden costs
  • Exploring the unknown may pay off
  • You may want to explore options
  • Taking the mystery out of ETFs
  • Your needs create improvements
  • You can learn details that are simple
  • The changing picture for 401 (k)
  • Just when does the taxman cometh?
  • You can almost hear the boom!
  • Welcome to the brave new world of investment change
  • You boomers will live longer
  • The high cost of health care
  • Removing the Safety Net
  • What does this mean to you?
  • Converting savings into income
  • Your own personal pension
  • Exploring modern annuities
  • Learn how annuities work
  • Perks in tax deferral
  • Retirement income
  • Fixed and variable annuities
  • Tax provisions mean a lot
  • The basis for your stability
  • A bullet-proof system
  • Guarantees
  • General Investment-Related Terms
  • Insurance Products Investment-Related Terms

LEVEL 6 – Book 15: Real Estate
Investment Trust (R.E.I.T.)


  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) – Your Guide To Wealth
  • Where there is fear there is opportunity!
  • Tax Benefits
  • Long Term Benefits
  • Building a Cash Flow Machine
  • International Housing Price Trends
  • Real Estate Investment Trust’s
  • (REIT’S) Explained
  • Benefits of Investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Professional Management
  • Taxation
  • Retirement or income for living expenses
  • Real Estate Investment Trust Sectors
  • Example Of The Revenue And Expenses Of a 250 Unit Project
  • Terms most frequently used relating to Real Estate Investment Trusts

*LEVEL 6 – Book 16: Investing for


  • How Your Investing Makes Your Value Multiply As Time Works For You In
    The Markets
  • United States Has The World’s Largest Mutual Fund Market
  • Preparation to invest should include limiting credit card debt
  • An index fund is a mutual fund that tracks an