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Monthly commissions and sponsors matching commission


Remember, with Four Corners, when you are an active affiliate you qualify for FIVE massive streams of income from our company wide forced matrix – let’s now look at Income Streams 3 and 4 ….


Levels Entry Commissions on Newsletter Subscriptions Number Of Subscribers Total Commissions on Newsletter Subscriptions
Level 1 $29.95 $1 4 $4.00
Level 2 $1 16 $16.00
Level 3 $1 64 $64.00
Level 4 $1 256 $256.00
Level 5 $2 1024 $2048.00
Level 6 $2 4096 $8192.00
Level 7 $4 16384 $65,536.00
TOTAL: $76,116.00

In addition to the income streams explained on the previous page, you also earn recurring commissions from the monthly subscription,  paid, potentially in full, by your downline members.

This is a true win-win scenario, because your subscription includes a powerful educational newsletter, and you also receive a seat to participate in a live monthly member participation call with our elite team of Financial Analysts.

Looking at the above diagram, we can see the possible income available from members subscribing to the monthly subscription. You and your team, when enrolled and paid up, will earn from the subscription matrix. The Subscription matrix is a 4 x 7 using the same company wide forced matrix genealogy as the Instant Commission Matrix with the addition we are paying 7 levels of commissions.

You earn commissions from every member in your downline who is a subscriber, a whopping 7 levels if you are a current subscriber!

Once again, to maximize the income from your downline organization we’ve designed our pay plan to leverage income using a 4 by 7 matrix for you and your subscribed downline members, thus allowing you to be paid by ever increasing numbers of subscribers.

You are qualified to receive the subscription commission by having purchased the newsletter month one, and 10PV to earn from levels one through 7 from month two. The beauty of this is that you will receive commissions WHETHER OR NOT the member subscribing was introduced by you or was added into your downline structure from members above or below you, HELPING your downline grow!

Now, the really big income is in the 100% match, there is UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL of $76,116 on every referral.

OK are you ready? – Strap yourself in, because you’re going to learn how to DOUBLE THAT!


PresentationyellowSponsor’s Matching Commissions on Newsletter subscriptions take your earning to a whole new level as you receive unlimited matching commissions from your directly sponsored members EVERY TIME they receive a commission from someone in THEIR downline who subscribes to one of the Monthly Newsletters.

Look at the figures above. Every time a member you introduced to this business receives commission from someone in their downline who subscribes to one of the two subscription options, you get paid a 100% match instantly.

Remember, you are qualified to receive the commission if you are a paid subscriber of one of the monthly subscriptions, and the person you are receiving a matching commission on is directly sponsored by you.

Of course, the member receiving the commission receives this irrespective of whether the member purchasing the monthly newsletter was introduced by them or they were helped by having people added into their downline structure from members above or below them, thus helping their downline grow.

And remember ….. this is monthly RECURRING income, every entrepreneur’s Holy Grail…

If someone you sponsored collects commissions from their entire Level 5 of over $2048, you collect over $2048 instantly. Exactly the same happens in relation to every personally sponsored member and yes, you get MULTIPLE 100% matching commissions instantly – because YOU introduced the person receiving the commission.

There is no requirement to introduce new affiliates, but naturally, those who do actively build their team reap the benefits of unlimited income potential by receiving a 100% matching commission on the commission their directly sponsored members receive.

But don’t forget … the two types of commission explained on this page are only a small part of the “do the job once get paid FIVE times” benefit of being an Independent Business Owner with the Four Corners Alliance Group!